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Information on cuisine

  • <Crab cooking(November to March)>

    Matsuba crab is the snow crab which is landed in Sanin Region.

    Rich fishing ground, Japan Sea
    We will purchase fresh crabs that are landing there, and will offer it to everyone in the best condition.

    Crab stab, baked crab, boiled crab, crab pot and various ways to eat.
    Please appreciate it.
  • <Kaiseki Meal>

    Miyazu Port fresh fish landing at Miyazu Port as sashimi.
    When abalone is danced, the fragrance of the island drifts and appetite intensifies.
    We are also preparing not only seafood but also passion for meat, plan with domestic beef steak with marbled fish.
    Please enjoy Tango Miyazu's seafood, cooked dishes with abundant mountain views.
  • Baked crab meal party meal

    Fortunately in winter of the Sea of ​​Japan, grilling pine needle crab with charcoal fire.
    The umami is tightly packed.
  • Haiyote Kai Cuisine

    Japan seafood purchased at the local fishing port,
    I cooked it fresh.
    Sashimi is recommended.